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  • In the event of cancellation of the booking: the guest can obtain a refund within 7 days for any documentable reason
  • During your stay: you will be protected with health care, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance


  • In the event of cancellation of the booking: the guest can obtain a refund within 7 days for any documentable reason
  • During your stay: you will be protected with medical assistance, luggage guarantee, theft and roadside assistance
  • On the ski slopes: he/she will be protected in the event of third-party liability (compulsory third-party liability for use of the ski lifts), reimbursement of rescue costs and services not used due to injury (e.g. ski passes, equipment rental, ski lessons)

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Winter in Livigno

A snow and skiing paradise


Paradise for fans!

Guaranteed fun for skiers and snowboarders, you just have to choose between the various activities that the resort offers you.

See the “Ski & Snowboard” page of the “Sport” menu.


Emotions and suggestions!

Whirling among the great and evocative views of our snow-capped Alps, emotion is guaranteed!

Trepalle Service
Passo Eira Trepalle
Tel: +390342979128
Cell: +393358042727

Al Lac
via Rasia (zona Lago)
Tel: +390342970106
Cell: +393382559060

Huski village & sleddog

Sled rides drawn by huskies down the road of Decouville.
The Italian HUSKY VILLAGE Sled-dog Centre was set up in December 2002 in the locality of Arnoga (approximately 30 min. drive from Livigno) in the Alta Valtellina valley. Arnoga is the setting for one of the most beautiful and exciting stages of the Alpirod, the most popular sled dog race in Italy. With kilometers of flat tracks, the Italian HUSKY VILLAGE Sled-dog Centre aims to let you try out this true natural sport without becoming fatigued. In Arnoga, Valdidentro (about 30 min. by car from Livigno).

Sleddogg Arnoga

Fat bike

In Livigno MTB becomes FAT BIKE!

What are Fat Bikes? Are bikes with big wheels (Fat refers to the wheels and tires that are larger than normal) that allows you to ride in total peace on lands and trails covered by snow.

Fat Bikes bring you where MTB can’t – invented in 1989 by Simon Rakower, in 2014 enter among the novelties in the world of action sports. The main features as the larger section and the low tire pressure, ensures maximum grip and the opportunity to ride on “soft” surfaces like snow.

In Livigno since this year you can try them, on the groomed cycle path that runs for over 20 km along the entire country, and in that way fun on two wheels has no boundaries

c/o Bike Skill Center
Via Isola – 23030 Livigno (SO)
tel. +39 331 3322023


You can also experience thrills and fascination of a paragliding flight with an instructor in Livigno.

Livigno Feel The Sky
Cell: +39 328 5774414


The thrill of the vertical climb on the sky of Livigno!

Be enchanted by a tourist flight over the Livigno’s mountains and your dream to fly will come true!

A panoramic flight in the mountains gives unique emotions because allows you to fly over the higher snowy peaks and to admire the entire valley of Livigno. The peculiarity of the helicopter flight consists of the vertical take off and landing and of the possibility to go high above the peaks and to admire from a privileged position the Rhaetian Alps, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, in all their beauty.

Info and booking:
APT Livigno
via Saroch 1098/a
Tel. +39 0342 97 78 00


How about a challenge between friends? Take a spin on the go-kart like never before?

Go-karts for adults and kids are available for rental. Bring your friends along — have fun together — there’s a new and exciting adventure to try out

REG Rent
Lake area
Tel: +39 338 2559060
Cell: +39 335 8213561


Safe driving courses, tests and competition organization.

Ghiacciodromo Ice Driving School
Via Campaciol
Tel: +39 0342 997287
Cell: +39 338 4822585


During the winter there are 10km of snow covered beaten tracks for pedestrians in Livigno, suitable for both adults and children for a quiet stroll, completely immersedin nature. Alternatively, visitors can walk wearing snowshoes or go for a short ride on a Fat Bike, safely and whilst enjoying a breathtaking view over the Livigno valley. From the Cycle/pedestrian path You can easily reach the Latteria di Livigno for a typical lunch or a short stop based on artisan products.

Nordic walking

Get rid of all muscular tension and immerse yourself in nature!

Nordic Walking is a complete all-year-round outdoor sport for all seasons, walking with sticks specially developed for this sport. It provides an easy, natural and highly effective way of improving one’s overall fitness level, toning up the muscles of the body regardless of age, sex or physical condition.

Info and booking:
Scuola sci fondo Livigno 2000
Via Isola 113
Cell: +39 366 8793495

Alpine Guides
Tel. +39 371 3892480?


  1. Take a look at the local snow and weather conditions on the local bulletin:
  2. Take with you the avalanche safety equipment: shovel, transceiver and probe (it is mandato-ry!). If you don’t know how to use them ask to Mountain Guides
  3. Be cautious and aware. You are the only responsible!
  4. Share the hike with a partner for more safety and fun.
  5. If you are not sure don’t hesitate to ask to Mountain Guides.
  6. In case of accident provide aid and call 112 immediately.

Try to climb the wall of the ice tower of Livigno.

Before beginning your climb with the guidance and instructions of the Alpine Guide make sure you wear boots and crampons suited to waterfalls, have your ice axe handy; wear your helmet and have your sling tied to the safety rope.

Needed: gloves, glasses (boots, ice axes, harpoons are given by the school)

Info and booking:
Alpine Guides
Tel. +39 371 3892480

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